Probiotics and your skin

Eating healthy has never made your skin look so good.

Why am I so passionate about the skin looking good?  The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and in my opinion an indicator of our overall health and wellbeing. Ever woken up after a night with your girlfriends on the vino, looked in the mirror and though.. ooh.. Im not looking too crash hot? How you look, can usually depict how we feel.

What are probiotics, and how can they help you?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are extremely beneficial to health, digestion, and in turn, assist with clear, glowing vibrant skin. (healthy meal in the evening, 8 hours sleep – wake up feeling rejuvenated skin looking fresh)

Probiotics (think fermented veggies, kombucha & all natural greek yogurt!) can help with many skin conditions and disorders that can leave us feeling annoyed, unhealthy and cause low self confidence, even if the conditions only lie skin deep. Probiotics can help dermatitis and eczema, help to clear acne, assist in the healing of burns and scars, and just overall create more strength within your skin.

Some benefits of probiotics for:

Wrinkle Prevention: Good bacteria in the gut can help eliminate toxins and fight free radicals (unstable cells that cause ageing and damage) It can also help to repair any damage, and help to flush out any nasty toxins.

Clear Acne: In some cases acne can be caused by toxins in your gut, so simple answer is probiotics can fight the bad bacteria with good bacteria = clearer skin! It can also aid in barrier function, between skin, and gut (if it happens to be unhealthy)

Strengthen Skin Barrier: Foremost, one of the amazing functions our skin has, is to protect all of our internal organs. In order for our skin to be able to do this though, it needs to be in tip top condition to keep out all nasty toxins and pathogens. Our skin is our exterior amour to shield and protect us. Thanks skin, your awesome!

Moisturise: Probiotics help to bid moisture to the skin, and more moisture means less wrinkles = your skin looks healthier, and you look healthier!

Sun Damage: Although there isn’t much research in this area, some studies have been done and it is look extremely promising. Probiotics give some assistance in shielding UV rays, that of course are very damaging and can cause premature ageing.

Rosacea: Rosacea is a noticeable skin condition, and there can be a internal and external factors (genetics/lifestyle) that cause this skin condition. Sufferers of rosacea can become distressed and annoyed by these symptoms. Probiotics taken internally, and also applied topically on the skin can reduce and prevent rosacea.

I bet you didn’t realise a trip to your local health food store would be so beneficial, not to mention a tastebud sensation.

So, lets all cheers the kombucha, and bon apetite to all the delicious and healthy probiotic rich foods!

Healthy skin never tasted to good.



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