Verona Skin Solutions in Newcastle talks about ‘What type of exfoliation is best for my skin?

A lesson on exfoliation.

Exfoliation removes the outermost layers of skin, on the surface. It can either be done physically, by manually using beads or an abrasive tool such as a Microdermabrasion. It can also be done chemically with ingredients the dislodge the bonds (kinda like glue) between skin cells, which then allows them to be washed off. (Please note, not all chemicals are bad for your skin!)

Why should we exfoliate?

At times, our skin can find it difficult to remove layers of dead skin on the surface of the skin. Exfoliating can result in fresh renewed skin cells to be brought to the surface. It also removes the dead skin which can make our skin look dull, thickened and just generally sallow and unhealthy. When you exfoliate your skin texture can:

  • look brighter
  • the tone can be more even
  • increases the suppleness and smoothness
  • reduce and clean out pores and assist in helping reduce acne and congestion
  • reduce pigmentation and even out your skin tone
  • reduce fine lines and just generally improve your skin

Deeper exfoliation can also result in stimulating new collagen (Keeps us looking younger, YAY!) which will help to make sure your skin stays firm and has good elasticity. Because of this process our skin can become more sensitive and susceptible to sun damage so make sure you USE YOUR SUNSCREEN DAILY! 🙂

What should I exfoliate with? 

As mentioned, you can physically exfoliate with a facial scrub (ie. Ultraceuticals Gentle Exfoliating Gel, Aspect Celleblation) or using a chemical exfoliant (Aspect Exfol L15, Ultraceuticals Even Skin Tone, Ultraceuticals Brightening Serum)

Due to over exfoliating and causing damage with scrubs (Therapists see this too often) or using manual tools, the best way to safely, gently and effectively exfoliate at home is by use of chemical exfoliation in the form of AHA + BHA’s. (Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids) Our skin is acidic, so the skin can tolerate using AHA + BHA’s just fine. There are many forms of AHA + BHA’s so best to consult your Verona therapist to see which one is the most beneficial for your skin. Studies also show that the use of chemical exfoliants can increase the absorption and effectiveness of other active ingredients in your skin care! So all in all, exfoliating gives you more bang for your buck with your skincare!


So go on then, get exfoliating!


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